eternal treasures
Brand identity project that united three prominent brands: Moskva Department Store, KazakhYuvelir, and Togas. This collaborative campaign aimed to authentically capture the timeless values deeply ingrained in Kazakh wedding culture.
The Challenge
Our primary challenge revolved around merging three brands, each with distinct styles, into a cohesive identity for the campaign. Additionally, we sought to infuse Kazakh heritage into every aspect of the project.
The Solution
Drawing inspiration from the natural hues of Kazakhstan's skies and earth, we crafted an identity that paid homage to the region's cultural heritage. We incorporated elements from traditional Kazakh and Turkic carpet patterns. Our work encompassed a diverse range of printed materials, visual assets for all social media platforms affiliated with the three brands, the development of an informative and interactive campaign website, and the coordination of a photoshoot featuring three influential media families to underscore the campaign's message.

Our journey in website development encompassed everything from the initial structural design to the final implementation. One of the unique features of this website was the incorporation of an engaging interactive game.

The Interactive Experience:
Within this interactive experience, site users are invited to embark on a journey through the intricacies of traditional Kazakh carpet patterns. Users must locate the corresponding item on the carpet and interact by clicking on it. This interaction triggers the emergence of a delightful surprise in the form of a pop-up window, revealing a special gift.

Variety of Gifts:

To enhance user engagement and enjoyment, we meticulously designed six distinct categories of gifts: wallpapers for phone, discount certificate, three different Kazakh traditions wish lists, digital postcards

On a website, we've dedicated three distinct pages to celebrate the richness of Kazakh wedding traditions. Each page provides a unique glimpse into the cultural tapestry of Kazakhstan, accompanied by expert insights from a Kazakh culture specialist. Also websiite users can find a curated wishlist featuring thoughtful gift options from our collaborating brands.
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